Key Things You Need To Know About Real Estate Investment

There are some basic things you need to understand about real estate investment, this post would guide you to success in real estate investment.

  • You don’t need all the money in your pocket to invest in real estate.

There is usually initial deposit where you get to pay in the course of a period, for landwey investment you have flexible payment plans.

  • Instead of thinking affordability, think collaboration.

You can collaborate with your siblings, friends and so on to purchase a 600sqm land for instance, after a while sell it off or divide into two 300sqm each.

  • Before investing in real estate, do a lot of research!

Know your location and ask a lot of questions like accessibility, go for site inspections, check online( search engines, social media, bureau of land and properties and so on)

  • An unsuccessful venture doesn’t mean failure

Because you have been exploited or frauded doesn’t mean there are no credible realtors out there, that is why the previous point is key.

  • When Buying into real estate, control is key

For property investments, once you’re done paying for the property and settling legal requirements, you directly own the asset and have virtually complete control over it. You can directly influence the asset worth (by adding value to it) and cash flow (increase rent)

  • When investing in property, title is key

The land title is very key when acquiring land/properties. At Jimmick Limited all our properties are either CofO, Governors Consent, Gazette or Government Excision.

  • Buy Land, keep acquiring more..

Real estate investment is a form of investment that when done right(i.e buying from a valid real estate company/realtor) its return on investment is enormous.

  • A few years from now, you will be happy you did or wish you did!

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