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Finding a landed property

Finding a landed property

Once you have your landed property wish list you can commence the land hunt.  Here are 2 primary ways to help you find your next home/investment:

·         Navigate the Networks

One of the best places to search for landed properties is on-line.  Portal such as is a great place to start.  For the real estate portals you can specify the suburb/s where you want to buy from, number of plots, price and other features and you will be presented with a shortlist of available properties that meet your requirements.  Make sure you save your search criteria and set up property alerts so you are notified of any new landed properties as they become available.

·         Talk to your local Jimmick Homes Property Manager

Jimmick Homes manages hundreds of properties across Nigeria, so contact your Jimmick Homes property manager and discuss what you are looking for, ask them if they have anything available or coming up in the area / price range you are looking at.  This is an important step as it might help you find a property before anyone else does.

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