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User generated content

User generated content

If you upload content, you:

(a)       (Attribution of copyright owner) must include the author and source of the content and ensure you have obtained the necessary rights to use the material in the way in which it is being used;

(b)       (indemnification) agree to indemnify us against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever arising from your publishing the content by uploading it onto the Websites in relation to defamation, breach of copyright, trade mark infringement, unfair competition, trade practices, royalties, violation of rights or privacy;

(c)       (Warranties) warrant that the content is legally compliant and that its publication does not give rise to any rights against or liabilities against Jimmick Homes.

If you post materials to or links from the Websites that infringes any third party rights, you indemnify Jimmick Homes against any loss, liability, damage, cost (including Jimmick Homes’s reasonable legal costs) or expense arising out of or in connection with any failure on your part to obtain any necessary rights, consents, licenses or permissions or your conduct on the Websites.

3.6      Copyright Assignment

You agree to assign copyright in all original content that you post on the Websites to Jimmick Homes upon publication.  Further, you agree to formally record such assignments and that you appoint Jimmick Homes as your proxy as may be required for the sole purpose of completing such an assignment. Jimmick Homes retains copyright on all content, design and artwork produced for the Websites.

3.7      Consent

If you upload photographs, audio or video recordings of yourself, you consent to give Jimmick Homes the right to use these photographs and recordings in the production of the Websites.  You further give Jimmick Homes the right to use or reproduce this content, including your likeness, in whole or in part for publicity or broadcast purposes as we reasonably see fit (although we will endeavor to contact you in order to notify you of such use where reasonably practicable for us to do so).

3.8      Linking policy

You are welcome to put links on your site pointing to our Websites but only if all links abide by these Terms.  Further, that you agree to immediately remove any links from your websites as directed if Jimmick Homes deems the links to be misrepresentative of its brand, image and reputation in any way.

3.9      Comments Policy

At Jimmick Homes we want as many of you as possible to engage in vibrant and lively discussions on our Websites. However, there are limits to acceptable communication and we require that discussions and/or comments posted by users on the Websites are constructive, civilized and relevant.

Jimmick Homes reserves the right to immediately remove any content that does not fall within these guidelines.

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