The Importance of Search

Mr Lekan had always wanted to invest in property. After living in a rented apartment for 15 years, he knew it was time for him to move on. To this effect, he went online, looked up some properties and finally found an agent to talk to.
A week later, he visited the site and loved it. It would be where he would finally build the home of his dreams. What he did not know was that the land was under the Lagos State Government housing scheme, a property which was under a government restricted area.

Mr Lekan never realized this; he was quick to trust “an agent” so fast. The agent had showed him documents regarding to the said property; he was satisfied with the status and he was to make payment few days after when he gets his monthly salary.
Just on Monday, I visited a former colleague of mine and while we were discussing what I do, Mr Lekan over heard us talking and he jumped in on the discussion. It was in our talk that he disclosed he was about making payment for a property. I asked him if he had verified the status of the property at the Lagos State Land Bureau, Alausa and he said he didn’t feel it was important since the property had “genuine” titles.
Immediately, I phoned my contact, a surveyor at the office of the surveyor general in Alausa and we went to the said property to get the coordinates and taking it for search.
Yesterday, the results got to us and behold the revelation that the said property was in a government restricted zone.

Mr Lekan felt to disappointed haven been lied to in the face by the said agent that the property was free from every form of encumbrances.
Immediately, he has contracted the job to us at Jimmick Real Estate Limited to find him a property and he has fixed a date for inspection.
At Jimmick Real Estate Limited, one of our core values is empathy. We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and finding out what their goals are and making them our goals.
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