How I Saved My Friend

Recently I had a chat with a very close friend of mine who has been lamenting on selling his car even haven acquired the recent one with a commercial bank loan.
Two years ago, this my friend took a commercial bank loan to buy a car worth N1.5m in 2016 not for business/investment purpose but for his personal needs just to blend with the society.

Fast forward to 2018, he got so tired of the car that he is ready to take up another loan to acquire another one still for his personal needs and he has approached me to assist him.
As a professional financial and estate expert, I think its not a new idea to get a loan and also, its your money and you can do as you please with it however, don’t you think investing that money in a trade that converts and generates more money should be a topmost priority?
Instead of buying a car which would depreciate and which you would eventually lose interest in, in the next year or two, why not take that loan to finance an investment in land that would produce more ROI in a short time?

This is a big secret in wealth generation that only your real friends will tell you.
Now my friend owns a 600sqm land in Hopewell Estate, Ibeju Lekki and he has been thanking me for showing him the light.
What are your priorities? Do you desire a trusted way to generate wealth with little or no efforts? Then land banking is the way to go.
Talk to me today to get started, 09096263676 or 08054727883, email, tayo@localhost.

Be like my friend, be smart.